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--- Shelby and Ashley ---

Two grown women forget to act their age as they talk about the magic, madness, heaven and sin behind one Taylor Swift. Join hosts Shelby and Ashley each week for a probably nuanced, definitely biased "taysplanation" on what exactly the fans, the haters, and everyone in-between needs to know about America's most notorious pop princess. Be sure to subscribe via your favorite podcast platforms and follow your hosts on Facebook and Instagram @swiftishpodcast and Twitter @swiftishpod13 today!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Rolling Stone Interview

    After a quick catch up on the Melbourne Cup and rumored Grammy submissions, Shelby and Ashley break down the Taylor Swift Rolling Stone cover story where our favorite pop star holds nothing back — and neither do they. Find us on Instagram [@swiftishpodcast](http://www.instagram.com/swiftishpodcast/) and Twitter [@swiftishpod13](http://www.twitter.com/swiftishpod13) ...


  2. I Don’t Wanna Keep Secrets Just to Keep You (feat. Lauren Lipman)

    Shelby and Ashley welcome Youtube extraordinaire Lauren Lipman for this episode covering everything in Taylor Swift’s life, from the Lover Fest announcement to just what she’s singing about in Cruel Summer. Find Swiftish on Instagram @swiftishpodcast and Twitter @swiftishpod13 Subscribe to Lauren Lipman’s channel on youtube and find her on Twitter ...


  3. It Isn’t Love, It Isn’t Hate, It’s Just Indifference

    There’s a new look on the podcast as Shelby and Ashley jump into the first track, reputation-to-Lover transition “I Forgot That You Existed.” From taysplaining all the recent TS news, to exploring just who Taylor is glad to forget, they wrap it up with some T-time and the introduction of ...


  4. All’s Well That Ends Well to End Up With You

    Shelby and Ashley finally catch up on the Lover Music Video, which they do a scene-by-scene analysis of after talking about how the public has accepted Lover the album and just what Taylor has been up to (and which records she’s been breaking) since release week. ...


  5. Release Week and Lover's Lounge

    Shelby and Ashley try to cover everything that happened during Lover release week and so they bring on special guest, Kellie Dalrymple (@fine_as_kell) as she shares her story for the first time of meeting Taylor Swift at Lover's Lounge. ...