Swiftish: A Taylor Swift Podcast

--- Shelby and Ashley ---

Two grown women forget to act their age as they talk about the magic, madness, heaven and sin behind one Taylor Swift. Join hosts Shelby and Ashley each week for a probably nuanced, definitely biased "taysplanation" on what exactly the fans, the haters, and everyone in-between needs to know about America's most notorious pop princess. Be sure to subscribe via your favorite podcast platforms and follow your hosts on Facebook and Instagram @swiftishpodcast and Twitter @swiftishpod13 today!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. We See You over There on the Internet

    Your hosts walk you through Taylor Swift’s trailer park fantasy as they talk all about the rainbow-infused You Need To Calm Down music video and unpack the hate, rumors, and hot takes revolving around Taylor’s pop anthem. ...


  2. Snakes and Stones Never Broke My Bones

    Before the music video premiere, Shelby and Ashley take a moment to decode the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s latest single You Need to Calm Down while also discussing Pride Month, the latest slew of Taylor hate, and everything we know about the newly named Lover era. ...


  3. Swiftisode 5: Wen Speling Isn’t Fun

    Shelby and Ashley come together for a therapy session after one month of ME! as they talk about the May 13 stamp and what special way Taylor could reveal her album — plus they unpack her past promotional cycles to try and break the code on what exactly is going ...


  4. A Lot of a Lot

    Shelby and Ashley catch you up on all the promotion Taylor Swift has been doing. From the Billboard Music Awards to the surprise cover interview with Entertainment Weekly, there’s plenty to discuss — even if there is no album title yet. ...


  5. You Can’t Spell Awesome Without Me

    Shelby and Ashley talk all about the rollout of Taylor Swift’s latest single, ME! featuring Brendon Urie as they go in depth on the music video and lyrics of a new Taylor Swift sound — but is it everything they hoped for? ...