Swiftish: A Taylor Swift Podcast

--- Shelby and Ashley ---

Two grown women forget to act their age as they talk about the magic, madness, heaven and sin behind one Taylor Swift. Join hosts Shelby and Ashley each week for a probably nuanced, definitely biased "taysplanation" on what exactly the fans, the haters, and everyone in-between needs to know about America's most notorious pop princess. Be sure to subscribe via your favorite podcast platforms and follow your hosts on Facebook and Instagram @swiftishpodcast and Twitter @swiftishpod13 today!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Swiftish’s Back, Alright (Episode 21)

    Your hosts are finally at it again with a new episode as they catch up on all the things Taylor Swift has been up to in their absence. There’s no song, but there’s a whole lot of gossip. So…are you ready for it? ...


  2. Swiftisode 2: The Delicate Situation

    With the release of Taylor Swift’s latest music video, Shelby and Ashley get together for a quick session to talk all the reactions, theories, and hidden messages as they answer the, uh, delicate question: what on earth does this video have to do with the song? ...


  3. Another One in the Basket (Episode 20)

    Your hosts take a break from reputation to instead look at songs written about the Queen Bee, starting with an examination of her most recent beef as they read Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” and discuss who does petty best when it comes to all this bad blood. ...


  4. Swiftisode 1: When Swifties Attack

    After the blowback from last episode, Shelby and Ashley meet up to discuss all the haters and hot takes from their controversial “So It Goes…” theory as they further explore what this divisive middle track could mean for reputation. ...


  5. You Did a Number on Me (Episode 19)

    Your hosts officially reach the halfway mark on reputation with a careful look at Taylor Swift’s most mysterious song, “So It Goes…,” and they may just ruffle a few feathers with their hot take on who — and what — this hot track could be about. ...