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--- Shelby and Ashley ---

Two grown women forget to act their age as they talk about the magic, madness, heaven and sin behind one Taylor Swift. Join hosts Shelby and Ashley each week for a probably nuanced, definitely biased "taysplanation" on what exactly the fans, the haters, and everyone in-between needs to know about America's most notorious pop princess. Be sure to subscribe via your favorite podcast platforms and follow your hosts on Facebook and Instagram @swiftishpodcast and Twitter @swiftishpod13 today!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Sometimes Giving Up is the Strong Thing (It's Time to Go)

    Shelby and Ashley talk about their favorite evermore bonus track and this ode to boundaries by Taylor Swift, who may have her personal reasons for writing it. ...


  2. You Don't Know How Much I Feel I Love You Still (Don't You)

    Shelby and Ashley talk about the Red (Taylor's Version) announcement before getting into another vault track from Fearless, Don't You. ...


  3. If the Shoe Fits, Walk in It 'til Your High Heels Break (long story short)

    Shelby and Ashley welcome back Elana Fishman to talk about evermore's walk down memory lane, long story short. ...


  4. Bye Bye Baby (Fearless (Taylor's Version))

    Shelby and Ashley struggle to break down the exact differences in this vault track, one of the few Taylor Swift definitely changed for her version of Fearless. ...


  5. I Had a Feeling so Peculiar (evermore feat. Bon Iver)

    Shelby and Ashley break down the title track from Taylor Swift’s winter album, evermore, called evermore, and they could talk about it…well, evermore. ...